What is Yoga Therapy?

Simply put, yoga therapy uses the tools of yoga – movement, conscious breathing, sound, visualization and meditation – to help people heal.  Yoga therapy can be used for a broad range of physical and mental conditions as well as a response to life’s larger spiritual questions.  Whether you have low back pain, suffer from anxiety or wonder about the purpose of your life (or anything in between or beyond), yoga therapy can offer skillful and practical ways to meet your needs in the moment.

I work one-on-one with people, both in-person and online, to create a daily practice suited to your individual needs.  Because it is developed with you and with your specific issues in mind, it is not formulaic or fixed – practices are designed to work with your life and commitments.  We start with an initial session that lasts about 90 minutes and includes an in-depth look at your diet, sleeping and eating patterns, exercise habits and so on.  I will create a practice designed for you and we will go over it together.  Following that initial session, we will meet again within two weeks to check-in and make any changes to the practice that come up.  After that, my preference is to meet not less than once/month so that we can ensure that the practice continues to be relevant to your life.  Follow-up sessions are 55 minutes long.

Note:  I specialize in end-of-life care and working with eating disorders.  I also mentor yoga teachers. and offer online and in-person Yoga Sutra study courses.  If you run a yoga teacher training, please be in touch to discuss options!   

Book your appointment directly below or feel free to contact me via email to discuss how yoga therapy can work in your life.

Please note that I have a 24-hour cancellation policy – any bookings canceled or changed with less than 24-hours notice will not be refunded.


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