Upcoming Workshops and Events!

With the creation of Atha Yoga School, comes new opportunities to create workshops and events that have been simmering in my mind for a long time. This winter, I have two workshops on topics that are always part of my thinking: How Not To Be Busy and an exploration of the Pancamaya model of the human system.

I also am thrilled that these workshops are being co-hosted by Kelly Brandon and the Yoga School of Miami. Kelly is a long-time mentee of mine as well as a seasoned yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer who has creatively used the tumult of the pandemic to pivot her offerings. I am so excited to work with her in this way!

First one up is Towards Balance or How Not To Be Busy on Sunday, January 31st. We will be using ideas presented in Patanjali’s Yoga SÅ«tra as a way of navigating the perennial question of how to know what to do in the 24-hrs of the day. We might also tap into some Zen teachings because, you know, Zen masters knew a thing or two about the slippery nature of time.

If you have ever felt over-committed or adrift in your own schedule, this might be a good chance to look more closely at what you are doing and (most importantly) why.

I hope you will join me for it! Register today!

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