Seeing Avalokiteshvara in the news

Today, I was checking in on the CBC website to get the latest news about the virus in Canada, I read an article about nurses from Canada who are working in hospitals across the border in Detroit.  Here is a quote from the article:

Jenna Meloche is one of those essential workers in a Detroit hospital.

The nurse from Windsor, Ont., has described how patients are forced to die in isolation. Loved ones ask medical staff like her to deliver final goodbye messages.

Meloche said hospital staff pray before their shifts. She lives with her parents and now wears a mask at home, uses a separate bathroom, and is looking at getting a separate place.

“I think you have to give yourself a little mirror pep talk in the morning before you go into work,” she told CBC News.

“The way I view it is I have the luxury of helping these people get through the most difficult time in their life. … And I think that is the main reason why my mom, my sister, my great aunt and a lot of my friends got into nursing — is to have the opportunity to help these people…

“So I feel grateful.”

In Buddhism, there are two great bodhisattvas who are said to be manifestations of the two aspects they we all have within ourselves that we are working to deepen in our practice and in our lives:  Manjushri embodies wisdom and Avalokiteshvara embodies compassion.  Reading this woman’s words is like hearing Avalokiteshvara speak directly to us.
Thank you Jenna and all the healthcare workers of the globe.  Thank you also to the grocery store workers, delivery people, mail carriers and everyone else who continues to work on behalf of all the rest of us.  It is a strange time when helping means to hold back and stay away.
To all the people who bravely continue to step forward so that the rest of us can step back – thank you.

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