Making Friends with Food – The first of two upcoming Online Classes this spring!

Please join me for two online classes this spring!

The first is titled, Making Friends with Food.  It is an eight-week series hosted by Namaste Studio in Corner Brook, NL.  It will be available both in-person and live and recorded via Zoom.

If you have ever been on the diet treadmill or caught in a cycle of “emotional eating” – both over-eating and under-eating – then this series is for you.  It is not a magic pill diet or weight loss exercise class but the beginning of a process of understanding what motivates us in relationship to food.  We will take a deep look at our feelings, experiences and choices around eating with the notion that understanding all of that contains the first step towards making healthy choices.  When we stop fighting ourselves and seeing ourselves in need of fixing, making good choices comes naturally.

We will use yoga movement and breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, meditation, and Ayurvedic information to explore our food-related patterns with the goal of being more aware, not just of the habits, but of the feelings that drive them.   This class is built on the ideas that everyone already contains everything they need to be healthy and happy.

It is important, life-changing work!  Please join us.  Click here to register!

MONDAYS @ 6:45 – 7:45pm (Newfoundland Daylight Time – adjust your calendar accordingly)

April 15th – June 10th (Breaking for Memorial Day Weekend)

$197 CDN


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