Ending or Beginning?

If I may indulge a little here, I would like to share that I completed the formal training portion of the three-year yoga therapy certification course this past Sunday.  I still have some work to do to get the final certification, including making a trip to India to study at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai this October.  KYM is a yoga therapy clinic and I will spend two weeks there interning and observing their 1:1 sessions with patients.  It also will be my first trip to India in 23 years, so it is quite exciting.

At the ceremony to mark our completing our training, the 19 of us who were finishing went around our circle and said some words about another person in the program (we picked names from a hat) – what they brought to the program and something about what they offered us in particular – then we shared a few words about our own journey over the past three years.  It was very moving, as one does not spend three years with a small group of people discussing deep and intimate things without developing a strong bond.  As one of the faculty said, “I think I could call any one of you at 1:30 am and know that you will pick up the phone.”  There were no dry eyes in the house.

It was surprisingly difficult to sum up these past three years.  I have no doubt that the training was the correct thing to do and it has shaped my life in ways that I am sure that I will continue to discover well into the future.  But how to express just how much it has all meant?

Show me, don’t tell me, as my Zen teacher likes to say.

It is my hope – my aspiration – that I will give expression to my commitment to and my gratitude for what I learned each time I step up to a bedside.  Really, how could it be otherwise?


My teachers (from left to right):  Chase Bossart, Dolphi Wertenbaker and Amy Wheeler. (Photo by Melaney Seacat)


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